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With Otelio.com you will be able to fastly plan your next vacations in Basilicata and above all in sure way, thanks to the immense selection of hotel in Basilicata from one to five stars also the person more demanding will find the structure that more the it appeals to. You slide endured the directory of it lodges in Basilicata and it chooses what more it satisfies your requirements, in the our pages of situated you will sure find rooms in bed and breakfast in Basilicata to favorable prices, you will be able to estimate the extraordinary offer hotel Basilicata and to save. You ask information and realizes your reservation searching in ours lists the economic hotels in Basilicata, ideals for who wishes to stay in simple atmospheres but it cures to you. During the summery period you will have the possibility to dive to you in limpid and crystalline waters of two seas, Tyrrhenian and the Ionian, and to lodge in apartments in Basilicata to two steps from their equipped coasts and the beaches. In the site one you will find the beautifulst receptive structures of the region subdivided for type, you will be able to choose a residence in Basilicata or to pass your stay in houses vacations in Basilicata optimal departure point in order to discover the many beauties of this rich history region and of culture, to visit we signal: archaeological diggings and museums with going back rests to the Magna Greece, palaces of roman age, castles and churches that trace the history of these places. Lodging in the farm holidays in Basilicata the lovers of the nature they will be able to take a walk in splendid forests, to breathe pure air, to admire wonderful panoramas, and thanks to the ability of the chef to delight the palate with the many typical plates of the region.




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