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Entering in Otelio.com you will find numerous proposals in order to program your vacation in Liguria, you will be able to decide where to sleep choosing your hotel in Liguria between the offered innumerevoli, and to reserve the structure that to more it appeals to you. Sliding the list of it lodges in Liguria, it will be able to confront immediately the prices of the affiliated structures, to forward your demand in fast way and not impegnativa, search between common of the Liguria the your destination in this wonderful region that for its natural beauties from always recalls the tourists, you will be able to visit the villages duffles-coat of Five Lands, the Coast of the Palms, the natural Coast of the Flowers, Parks and Reservoirs, moreover if desires to lodge in a extra-hotel structure you find one immense selection of bed and breakfast Liguria, and the best ones offered in order to lodge in apartments in Liguria. In our pages you will find the offered strabilianti of the economic hotels in Liguria that offer essential but however comfortable services, moreover you will find one immense selection of residence in Liguria many of which directly on the sea and with swimming pool, and the directory of the beautifulst houses vacations in Liguria. Who loves the vacation in total relax far away from the places crowds to you and noisy, will find sure the ideal solution choosing a Farm holidays in Liguria, even dipped in the green and the quiet ones of the entroterra From Liguria.




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Last Minute Offers

Private Lodging

Relais San Damian

Riviera of Flowers

Ligurian countryside



Farm Holidays

Agriturismo Monteverde

Liguria/La Spezia/Castelnuovo Magra
Magra Valley



Bed and Breakfast

B&B Alle Mimose

Liguria/La Spezia/Vezzano Ligure
Magra Valley

Near Cinqueterre and the gulf of Lerici




Hotel Rossini al Teatro

Riviera of Flowers

city’s centre



Farm Holidays

Agriturismo U Caruggiu

Maro Valley

historic center



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Guida Tuistica

A spectacular land of mountains descending sharply to the sea. Mountains and cliffs that seem to rise directly out of the LiguriaTyrrhenian Sea, in the far northern reaches of the Mediterranean . This is the dominant landscape of Liguria, fascinating and breathtaking, which induces an intensity of emotions and sensations in the visitor that will never leave during a tour through this region, so full of historic memories and a dynamic and severe (the mythical Genoese thrift) participation in the modern world. The regional capital is Genoa, one of the main ports of the Mediterranean, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the great navigator who discovered America. A powerful marine city since the Middle Ages, Genoa preserves the traces of its great history to a remarkable extent. Imposing buildings, sumptuous aristocratic houses and great churches testify to the splendour of the past and integrate perfectly with the fabric of the modern city. In the other provinces of Liguria (Imperia and the other two important port cities of the region, La Spezia and Savona) there are countless natural and artistic attractions. The peninsula of Portofino and the Cinque Terre are exceptional examples of lush and intact Mediterranean landscape; just as Portovenere is a small, exemplary jewel of the Mediterranean coast and Sanremo (where the vastly hugely Festival of the Italian Song is held in the casino every year) is one of most typical and famous seaside towns in Italy. Among the many monuments of great historical-artistic worth, we will limit ourselves to the example of the splendid Benedictine abbey of S. Fruttuoso, in Camogli. The pleasure of discovering the others is yours.