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For your next vacations in Sicily entrusted to the guide and the councils of Otelio.com, in the situated one you will find numerous proposals and offering Sicily hotel of whichever category and price. The Sicily is a region overwhelms of smells, colors and sapori a fertile and generous earth, of ineguagliabile culture, is the island to not only visit in the summery months, a lookout with a added value: the hospitality of the sicialian. You choose your destination and reserves a hotel in Sicily to two steps from the sea or the sciistiche localities, in whichever period of the year you will be able to choose lodges in Sicily and to reserve one unforgettable vacation. In the situated one you will find numerous occasions of saving, it watches the extraordinary rates of the economic hotels in Sicily and parts to the discovery of the many works of art of baroque age, or of situated the archaeological ones and the reperti of the ancient Greek civilization as It goes It them of the Templi. The lovers of the naturalistic distances and the trekking will find an immense selection of farm holidays in Sicily equip you of the best ones comfort, moreover in the situated one you will directly find the directory of residence in Sicily on the sea and the list of the beautifulst houses vacations in Sicily. Taking a walk along the ways of the sicialian cities you will be able to be dipped in the colors, in it smells of the many fast-food of road that they prepare smoking and gustosi foods of ancient tradition and to admire the elegant display windows of the storees, during your stay you will be able to lodge in bed and breakfast in Sicily of whichever locality or to choose of stay in the apartments in Sicily and winter you will be able living the emotion of sciare on the innevate tracks of the Etna with sight on the sea.




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Casato Licitra


In the heart of our Sicilian South-East, only a few kilometres away from the “Donnafugata Castle”